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We bridge the gap between your business and Latin America, offering solutions in:


Translation of documents

Our translations go through a three-step process that ensures high-quality work. Translation by a professional translator, editing by a specialized linguist who reviews the translation in comparison to the source document, and review by an expert qualified in the technical language of the document.



Text localization is an essential process in the translation industry that goes beyond mere translation from one language to another. It refers to the adaptation of content to be culturally and linguistically appropriate for a specific audience in a particular region or market. The goal is for the content to feel “native” to the audience.


Machine translation post-editing (MTPE)

Post-editing of machine translation is a process of reviewing and improving translations generated by machine translation systems, such as neural machine translation (NMT) systems, with the aim of ensuring the quality and suitability of the translated text for the end user’s needs. Post-editing is carried out by a human translator working in collaboration with machine translation technology. This process aims to perfect and refine automatic translations to better fit the context and client expectations.


DTP (Desktop Publishing)

It refers to the process of adapting and designing translated documents in a way that preserves their original format and makes them understandable and appealing to the final audience.



Transcreation involves recreating the message, tone, and style of the original content in a different language or for a culturally distinct audience. This approach is commonly used in the translation of marketing materials, advertising, slogans, branding campaigns, and creative content where cultural and emotional accuracy is crucial.


Simultaneous interpretation

We have a team of interpreters who assist in virtual or in-person events. This service requires strong linguistic skills and concentration from the interpreter, as they must listen, understand, and convey the message in real time while maintaining the coherence and accuracy of the original discourse.


At LHT, we guarantee that your messages
are effective and professional,
regardless of the language or format
in which they are presented


Lui Human Translations is committed to a constant search for excellence in our translations based on a high level of responsibility guaranteed throughout every process and careful project management in every stage, by giving priority to the customized work considering applicable requirements, through the use of quality control tools and processes intended to ensure project delivery in due time and proper form.

This policy represents an essential commitment to its strategy and supplements the core values of our organizational culture.

Commitments and aims for improvement:

  • To comply with our clients’ and other relevant interested parties’ requirements and meet their expectations, and make any adjustments needed within the organization to ensure their constant satisfaction.
  • To conduct research and evaluate the application of any new technology that may enable an improvement in business operations and corporate development.
  • To promote an organizational culture that fosters a relationship with providers and collaborators based on trust, respect and warmth, prioritizing planning, integration, safety, and life quality.
  • Encourage the constant growth and development of personnel to ensure the quality of the process by offering benefits and a training program.
  • Maintain and continuously improve the quality management system and applicable requirements in order to strengthen all processes.
  • Generate business development that will empower us in the industry.

María Fernanda Lui
Effective Date: 28Nov2022