“Excellent predisposition in the translation service. Efficient communication via email. We can work on specific details for each translation, and each delivery is always complete and according to the required deadlines. Thank you!”

Administrative Associate, Janssen Inc.

“The experience with Lui Human Translations has always been outstanding. We appreciate the good predisposition of the agency, the help, the professionalism of the team, and the commitment to the agreed dates.”

Regulatory Affairs Analyst, Danone

“The experience with Lui Human Translations was fantastic; from the very first moment, they were very expeditious and predisposed to solve everything we asked them to do, from sending us early estimated budgets to sustaining the proposal offered in time and the level of professional response at all times. The reports translated into English reflect what we expressed in Spanish, allowing our client in Vienna to get to know the candidates we presented to the shortlist as we described them.

Coaching Empresarial, COASE

The experience with Lui Human Translations is very good, not only in terms of the translation work but also in the timeliness and professionalism with the delivery of the requested work. They have been very responsive to all the requests we have made. We look forward to continuing working with you.

Administration and Finance Manager, MLH Vernet